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Date Show Episode  
03/10/10 NAFI Live Online Training Discussion (Info/Download)
12/09/09 NAFI Live House Resolution 3317 (Info/Download)
10/14/09 NAFI Live Complex Aircraft Proposal (Info/Download)
09/09/09 NAFI Live Viability of LSA in Modern Flight Schools (Info/Download)
07/08/09 NAFI Live Marketing Tactics (Info/Download)
06/10/09 NAFI Live Instrument Training and Checkrides (Info/Download)
05/07/09 25Zulu Ben Hamilton of ImagineAir, Inc. (Info/Download)
05/06/09 NAFI Live Instructor Liability RoundTable (Video) (Info/Download)
04/08/09 NAFI Live Sport Pilot Instruction (Info/Download)
03/12/09 25Zulu Skipper Hyle and Alan Armstrong - Coming Soon (Info/Download)
03/11/09 NAFI Live Using Simulators in Flight Training (Info/Download)
02/05/09 25Zulu Bob Meder, NAFI (Info/Download)
01/22/09 25Zulu Skipper Hyle and (Info/Download)
01/08/09 25Zulu Alton Brown & Accellerated Training (Info/Download)
01/07/09 NAFI Live Checkride Round Table with Dan Emin & Bob Howell (Info/Download)
12/10/08 NAFI Live Glass vs Steam with Mike Gaffney & Dennis Erskine (Info/Download)
12/09/08 Ground School Live December Student Questions
11/12/08 NAFI Live Greg Brown & Jim Pitman (Info/Download)
10/30/08 25Zulu Patty Wagstaff & Steve Tupper (Info/Download)
10/16/08 25Zulu Weather School & Hangar Flying (Info/Download)
09/24/08 25Zulu Don Brown (ATC) &
Scott Dennstaedt (Wx)
09/11/08 25Zulu Gathering of Masters
Rich Stowell & Max Trescott
08/21/08 25Zulu Cessnas2Oshkosh & Stearmans (Info/Download)
08/07/08 25Zulu Controllers as Airspace Police Discussion (Info/Download
07/24/08 25Zulu Master CFIs & Aviation Law (Info/Download)
07/10/08 25Zulu Patty Wagstaff & Barry Schiff (Info/Download)
07/07/08 Ground School Live General Topics with Dennis Erskine and Bob Miller (Info/Download)
06/26/08 25Zulu Cal Tax & Alan Armstrong (Info/Download)
06/12/08 25 Zulu Alex Land aka "Gabby" &
Jeff Perry aka "Rickles"
06/12/08 Ground School Live Landings & Communications (Info/Download)
05/29/08 25Zulu DC3s and RCs (Info/Download)
05/15/08 25Zulu Garmin 1000 & Off Field Landings (Info/Download)
05/01/08 25Zulu TAA & Balloons (Info/Download)
04/24/08 25Zulu DPEs, CFIs, RVs & Buckaroos (Info/Download)>
04/19/08 25Zulu Jeff Perry - Flight to Alaska (Info/Download)

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